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Pavel has been working as an attorney since 1992. Since 1991, he has been participating in the professional training of personnel at the Faculty of Law of the Moldova State University and holding the academic title of Associate Professor.

In 2001, he received the title of Ph.D. in Law after he defended his dissertation at the Law Faculty of the Babes-Bolyai University, in Cluj-Napoca, in Romania.

As a lawyer, Pavel specializes in providing legal assistance in criminal cases (from the beginning of the investigation of the case at the stage of criminal prosecution, the examination of the case in the court of the first instance, appeal and cassation instances, up to the stage of resolving issues related to the execution of criminal sentences); civil and commercial cases (including foreign
elements), administrative proceedings, offenses, land law cases, etc. Over the course of his career, Pavel has been involved in the examination of numerous drafts of legislative and regulatory acts and published more than 40 papers. In cooperation with the
judges of the Supreme Court of Justice, he edited the Handbook for Judges in Civil Cases. By the decree of the President of the Republic of Moldova of October 19, 2011, he was awarded the honorary title – “Honoured Worker”.

Areas of specialization:

  1. Human rights
  2. Criminal law
  3. Civil/commercial law
  4. Family law
  5. Land law
  6. Law of environment
  7. Contraventional law
  8. Administrative litigation