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CEACHIR Anatolie

Managing partner

Ceachir Anatolie
Date de contact
Since 1994 he has been working as an attorney. In 2019 he was awarded the title “Veteran of Moldova Bar Association”. Anatolie provided legal assistance in numerous complex cases, of notoriety both representing the interests of local and international clients in the courts in various fields of specialization (criminal, civil, economic, commercial, etc.)

Anatolie since 1994 has participated in the training of young lawyers, as a professor of “Criminalistics” and “Criminal Procedure Law” at the Faculty of Law of the Moldova State University.
The prodigious results of the activity are manifested by the successes obtained in the interests of the clients on a series of cases: criminal case on extradition of US citizen X.Y to the US, Arax SRL case, IM Moldcell SA, CCL LTD vs Moldcell; KVK LTD vs Moldcell, etc.

He has participated as an expert and moderator in various national and international projects in the field of law, representation in the courts.

Areas of specialization:

  1. Criminal law/criminal procedure
  2. Human rights/ECHR
  3. Civil law/ commercial/economic
  4. Land law
  5. Administrative litigation
  6. Contraventional law
  7. Corporate law