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BAA „CEACHIR, ZAMFIR & Partenerii” in partnership with LLC ”Kinstellar” were selected to represent the Republic of Moldova in the courts of Ukraine

  • 08/06/2021

BAA “Ceachir, Zamfir & Partners” in partnership with LLC “Kinstellar” (Ukraine) was selected, following a tender
organized by the Ministry of Justice, to represent the Republic of Moldova in the case of recognition and
enforcement in Ukraine of an arbitral award against the Republic of Moldova. The claim was brought by the
company ”Научно–производственная фирма Стилекс” (Ukraine), the legal successor of OOO “Energoalians”,
against the Republic of Moldova, to the Kiev Court of Appeal.

For more details visit: https://bizlaw.md/dosarul-energoalians-inca-6-mii-de-dolari-pentru-plata-onorariilor-avocatilor-care-vor-reprezenta-interesele-statului-la-curtea-de-apel-din-kiev?fbclid=IwAR2U1mGHuy9JtBjIQkEIMpbd7w4D6JdSPdvu78bvS80QBCZSxSvhkY1i0RY